was born in Versailles, Kentucky (where it's pronounced Ver-sales). At age six his family drove to Honduras where his parents helped start Christian schools. They stayed there for three years with an additional three years spent in Paraguay, with a brief stint in Texas somewhere in the middle. Eventually settling back in Georgetown, Kentucky when Micah was thirteen.

      Always enthralled with movies, his time in Honduras and Paraguay only reinforced that passion with videos and American TV as a gateway to home. Upon returning to Kentucky it wasn't long before he was making his own movies with friends and family in his parents' attic. Towards the end of high school he became involved with local theater and there was no turning back.

      In 2006 he packed his car with hopes, dreams, and a bunch of other tangible stuff, and made the move to California. Life in California has been a roller coaster of ups, downs, friends, and opportunities, and he has no intentions of turning back. In 2012 Micah wrote and directed his own short film, Goldrush, loosely based on his experience of moving to California. Goldrush went on to win awards at the Southern California Creative & Innovative Film Festival and the Best Shorts Competition.

      In his free time he enjoys sewing elaborate costume recreations for himself and others, and editing nerdy Disney videos for his 1,000,000+ viewed YouTube channel.

Micah Lee